Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments company

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Sabbour Al-Ahly Real Estate Company is one of the most important and largest companies

specialized in the field of real estate investment in Egypt, where it was established

This company was established in 1994 and it is a merger of shares between the family of the

famous engineer Hussein Sabour, which amounts to 60%

And the shares of the Egyptian Bank, which amounts to 40%, and the chairman of the board

of directors of this company are Eng. Hussein Sabour and the managing director

Its engineer, Ahmed Hussein Sabour. This company is distinguished by providing everything

new in the field of real estate investment

As it includes the best engineers who specialize in this field and is training its team on all means

of technology that help them complete their work in this area accurately and it is worth mentioning

praise the management of this company

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments keeva

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

As it chooses the best places to establish its investment projects in it, therefore, its projects

succeed and deservedly, and the company maintained its position among the giant companies

in this field with its apparent effort and reliance on everything that is new in this field.

Before Keeva 6 october The most important investment projects undertaken by Sabour Al-Ahly Real Estate Company

Sabbour Al-Ahly Real Estate Company has done a lot of important investment work in Egypt,

the most important of which is the Katameya Stone Residence project

This residential investment project is one of the most important projects of Sabbour Al Ahly

Real Estate Company. The Stone Residence project is distinguished

It is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement City, which has been classified as one of the

most wonderful areas currently located, where it is characterized by the availability of all

services and also distinguished, the project is designed with its wonderful modern units.

Keeva 6 October

Sabour Al Ahly Real Estate Development is launching its new project in 6th of October City,

after more than 10 years

The charming city of October 6 After having established about 4 projects in 6th of October City, now it has returned to the favorite city again

It has to set up a giant and unique project in a very special location in 6th of October

City next to Amez neighborhoods and vital places on 6 October

Next to Dar Al Fouad Hospital and between Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, directly on the

main road, Dahshur Road

Keeva 6 october location

Sabbour Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company has been distinguished in choosing a

unique location in 6th of October City, it has always been important to improve its selection

On the site of any of its projects because it considers that any residential community is its first

and foremost important and distinctive is the unique strategic location

Therefore, when choosing the location of the Keeva Compound, October 6, she chose a unique

location near the most important projects of the important areas

Whereas, October 6 Kiva is characterized by a unique location between Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt,

next to the University of Egypt and Dar Al Fouad Hospital

A fence with a wall in Palm Park Direct on Dahshur Road.

This is a site where Sabour Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company was auctioned in a public

auction and the largest companies were racing against it

For his distinction, the Sabbour Company acquired it, and the decision was to establish in this

distinguished project site no other than to see it as that piece

The land is the most beautiful plot of land in the 6th of October city, and it is a huge area that

will feature an integrated residential community

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments

Space kiva 6 october keeva 6 october

spread on a huge area is 144 acres, this is a huge area that makes you

in a project Integrated with everything you search for, that you are inside Kiva October 6. Don’t go

outside to search for everything you need in your life

You can find it inside Keeva 6 october. It has unique services to mark Sabbour on October 6 with

features that you will not find in a project Is Keeva 6 october.

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