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Boardwalk New Capital

Boardwalk is one of EL Asreya projects and though it comes from the
discipline of creating and attracting communities with elevated standards
of living and comfort. We always focus to afford the ultimate services and most leverage
tools to please our community. At Boardwalk, everything is attainable and everything
is reachable. life form in the middle of a fully integrated residential compound that
supports every single need from daily basis needs to the very luxurious fantasy. Living
booster vibe is overwhelming in the course of the atmosphere of extra-relieving
amenities and services that re-innovates the luxurious theme. Boardwalk land covers
over 190,912.85sqm with vast greeneries and enough space to implement harmony and
sensual type of living.

Boardwalk New Capital

Boardwalk New Capital El Asreya Developments

El Asreya Developments is one of the leading real estate development companies in Egypt since 1990.
Our main focus is to create sublime communities with elevated standards of living and comfort.
El Asreya Developments is recognized for its solid on ground presence; expanding with a range of elaborated
high-end projects all over Egypt. At El Asreya, we put a great emphasis on thoroughly seeing
our promises through. By utilizing our success formula we meet our delivery dates, using high-quality building
materials and introducing artistic interiors and enhanced luxurious facades; all engulfed in the masterpiece of our
well-designed landscapes and expertly operated facilities.

Villas at Boardwalk New Capital

The owner and previous works of Boardwalk New Capital Project


master plan of Boardwalk

Real Estate Company

Boardwalk New Capital compound location

Boardwalk Compound is located in R7 located in the heart of the new administrative capital, the seventh district is one of the most important and most important areas of the new administrative capital and the most strategic one, as in the R7 area there are the largest investment companies that were stationed in their own lands in the seventh district area

Also, the R7 is home to the presidential palace, which prepared to relocate the presidential headquarters and all its activities to the new administrative capital

This would make this a very valuable area, as it would have embassies, and the Ministry would be a diplomatic center

With all the leaders of the country, businessmen and investors, it will also be a center for tourists and foreigners who want to live

In Egypt, therefore, the R7 is a very strategic area to talk more about the location of Boardwalk, the new capital

Determination The Boardwalk project for the new capital is located near the most important administrative areas of the capital, as we mentioned, where it is located

The commercial area 9 km.
Opera House 7 km.
Governmental district 6 km.
The Green River 4 km.
Medical City 5 km.
Free zone 2 km.
The diplomatic quarter 2.5 km.

How much area of ​​Boardwalk New Capital?

Spread on area of 45 acres almost 189,000  square meter ,We also mentioned that it is located in the R7 area, and it is located minutes away from the Opera House, the government district, and the diplomatic quarter.

Close to all the administrative areas, the green river, the medical city, and important services in the administrative capital

This distinguishes the project site very much and makes it strategic, so this was the selection site for the Boardwalk Administrative Capital

Determination The Boardwalk project for the new capital is located near the most important administrative areas of the capital, as we mentioned, where it is located

Boardwalk New Capital

Boardwalk New Capital Details and Facilities

The Boardwalk project for the new capital consists of several components available in a project that consists of:

Green spaces
Commercial area
You will continue to talk about providing each element of detail in detail in the coming paragraphs, so that you will be familiar with the new Boardwalk project, the new administrative capital.

Apartments in Boardwalk Compound, the administrative capital
The modern company provided a special area for Sakinah apartments that depend on a very modern and developed way of living while providing inspiring natural and stunning views that every residential unit of apartments is matched by a distinctive view.

As provided by Al-Asria Company, providing all kinds of apartments, spaces and unique designs that Al-Asria Real Estate Development Company has always distinguished in its unique choice.

Villas in Boardwalk Compound, the administrative capital
The villas in Boardwalk are modern, with the luxury attribute floating on every part

Services in Boardwalk, the administrative capital
The modern company provides several unique services that seek a sustainable life and complete amenities.

Corridors in Boardwalk, the administrative capital
The BoardWalk project was uniquely organized to optimize the use of spaces as Boardwalk underground garages were designed

Boardwalk New Capital

To make the best use of every boardwalk, just use the hiking trails to find the best places and delights on the way

Best suited for maximum benefit and multiple green areas.

The Boardwalk project, the new administrative capital, has many unique and distinctive services, among which are these services

Green spaces, landscape trees.
dancing fountain.
Huge restaurants area.
Hiking and cycling areas.
Clubhouse (gym – spa – sauna)
A commercial area with many international brands
Administrative area for offices and administrative spaces.
Separate swimming pools in a project.
Buses to facilitate transportation in the compound.
Security and guarding 24/7
The modern company has included many and many unique services to make you have everything you want.

The life in Boardwalk compound, the new administrative capital, gives you a blend of fine modern living with the surrounding natural

A mixture of urban simplicity and your unity in New York’s Boardwalk is a reflection of modern and natural flair

Life gives you a unique lifestyle providing the needs of each family, with multiple, different and elegant applications and features.

Prices payment systems in Boardwalk New Capital

The Boardwalk Compound provides you with the best price per square meter among all the residential complexes in the new administrative capital

It also provides you with the best payment system ever, so you will enjoy the best price and the best investment in the compound.

Price per square meter starts from 11,500 pounds, bearing in mind that the average price of a super lux finishing starts from 12200 pounds per square meter.
The unit will be reserved without any down payment, 0% with a repayment period of up to 8 years.
Units will be delivered within 3 years in 2022.
The new administrative capital provided you with an integrated city from the ground up, so it was the choice for the new residential project for Al-Asria Company, as the new administrative capital city

Make you live in the source of services as if it was the capital of a country for thousands of years One of the most important features of the capital is easy access to it and its proximity to everything

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