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Boho el ain el sokhna

Boho ain sokhna el asreya developments

Boho Ain Sokhna Resort is the latest project by Al-Asreya Real Estate Development Company, which is the real estate company that has led important new projects such as Divina Gardens in Shorouk City and is considered one of the unique projects in Shorouk City, and Boardwalk Corridor in the new administrative capital, they have invented a resort Boho Sokhna with the intention of making something unique and bohemian, as the word Boho derives from this which is why Boho has a unique and modern style with vibrant colors that make it distinct, which makes it one of the most attractive resorts in Ain Sokhna, so if you want to spend Your summer vacation, the Boho Resort El Sokhna is a Optimized for you to know the details of boho Resort El Sokhna .

Boho el ain el sokhna

The owner and previous works of Boho el ain el sokhna Project

El asreya Developments was established in 1990 and is one of the most important and best

companies that are interested in the field of facilities and luxury real estate.
Also, the modern company is the one that adopted the construction of the Boho Resort in

projects :

Divina Gardens el sherouk

Boardwalk new capital

Ain Sokhna due to its many projects in the field of architectural development and in the end we have presented

a set of details of the Boho Resort Ain Sokhna that the modern company created.

We have offered in some detail about all the services that Boho Resort Ain Sokhna provides and

also the services that are available in Boho Resort Ain Sokhna that raise the resort’s status,

compared to the rest of the competing resorts, especially those in Ain Sokhna.

So if you want to spend a special holiday full of features and services needed by the Boho Sokhna

product and the perfect resort for you, do not hesitate and how much to reserve your unit in this

product to spend the summer vacation in and enjoy the best health and entertainment services

that you can imagine and do not miss this opportunity you will find inside the compound everything

You wish it and you will live a life of high standard, and you can book the unit you want with the

space that suits you.

Boho el ain el sokhna resort location

Boho Resort is located in Ain Sokhna Road, Ain Sokhna, 3 km from the second exit to Al Galala Road.
One of the best things about its location is that it is very close to Cairo, about 80 minutes from the center of the new administrative capital and about 20 km from Porto Sokhna.
Boho is a relatively small resort, which was what modern meant, to make it feel more private.

How much area of ​​Boho el sokhna?

It has an area of only 20 acres, and its beach extends along 225 meters.
Chalets: start from 63 square meters to 145 square meters
Duplexes: 277 sq.m.
Independent villa: 310 square meters

Boho el ain el sokhna Details and Amenities

A leap in faith in bohemian culture, and the actual implementation of Boho’s influence on the shores of the Red Sea.
Boho site in Ain Sokhna, the strategic, which is one of the most prominent sites.
The ambience, location and amenities of projects inspired us to innovate.
We were pleased to unite with the family and implement a common vision for this specific project.
Below is an example of our collaboration with the charming beachfront of Boho that attracts all the

senses with its bohemian character embodying the imagination of the guest and the local residents

of Sokhna as well.
Boho Resort is located on the beloved Red Sea in Egypt, and is a popular destination with a charming

location, great surroundings and bohemian architecture combined with modern touches.
Puno simply creates unforgettable beach experiences for all generations.
The new tourism trend in Egypt, driven by health-conscious clients who seek to immerse

themselves in the physical and mental natural well-being, while exploring the living sea culture.

Boho ain sokhna el asreya developments

Being a relatively small resort does not mean less services at all, as Boho Sokhna offers its residents everything they need, here are some of the services provided by the resort:

Commercial area, there are many shops
Containing the finest and best brands and international brands, as well as a hypermarket that meets all daily family needs.

Swimming pool
These docks are different in size and depth so you will enjoy your very entertaining life

Aqua park
And it has all the water games that provide you with an enjoyable life.

five stars hotel
It has all the services you need and is very special in all things.

hotel services
Crystal Lakes, which provide a wonderful view, provide you with a quiet life and distinctive views.
Great business center.
Sports Club
Which contains many sports fields in all types of sports, such as football, basketball and squash

Volleyball and many other sports, also there is a jacuzzi, spa, massage and not many recreational services

That provides you with physical and psychological comfort.

Boho el ain el sokhna

Green areas (20% of their area)
And green areas provide you with fresh air that makes you feel enjoyment.

The path of walking or running
Also, you can practice cycling, inhale the fresh air in the morning or evening, and do a lot of sports with the family.

Children’s entertainment areas
It contains a lot of children’s toys that provide them with an entertaining life.

Smart housing units that work with the latest modern technology.
Gym and spa
Pharmacies and clinics
A pharmacy is available in all kinds of medicines and works for 24 hours. As for clinics, they are located in all specialties within the resort and these are considered one of the most important health services provided to you by the Boho Resort

24-hour security
Also, the escort service is available all week, so you will feel safe and secure all the time in Boho Resort.

Restaurants and cafes
And it has the best and most famous food and beverages that are served by the best skilled chefs.

Yoga places
It is a sport or a les that helps all people to be free and that helps them to meditate closely and get rid of all the negative destructive energies that accumulate within themselves from all the bad events that they went through.

Horse stables
These stables contain many types of horses of Arabian type and also there are a lot of assistant coaches who will help you to enjoy your time, what are these horses.

Prices and payment systems in Boho el ain el sokhna

The housing units are delivered with full deluxe finishing, and their prices vary according to type and area.
Chalets: starting from 760,000 pounds

Reserve your unit now when paying 10 % as Down payment and the rest on 7 years equall installments .

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

for more info call us


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