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Cairo Business Plaza new capital

cairo Business Plaza by better home

Cairo Business Plaza new capital

Cairo Business Plaza is the largest administrative mall in the administrative capital

It is known that Cairo Business Plaza Mall, the administrative capital, is one of the most important

projects that makes us get acquainted with it through its delicate work and the beauty of its

administrative units.

Here we will learn about the details inside the Cairo Business Plaza project, as it will be the

most powerful administrative project

Where it is worth noting that Better Home Company launched the first administrative project for the new administrative capital of the financial district (government district)

It is on an area of ​​6 acres consisting of 4 administrative buildings with areas starting from 66 meters

The price per square meter starts from 32,000 to 40,000

As for the deadline for receipt, it was confirmed by 3 years

The reservation shall be a check payable in the amount of 100,000 pounds

The special spaces for the units are (6 bathrooms per floor / meeting rooms / private smoking rooms

/ corridors 4 meters wide / number from 4 to 8 elevators in addition to service elevators)

As for the price of a 5,000 square meter finishing check, it is payable after a year and a half

Dear customers, look forward to the launch of Cairo Business Plaza, the administrative capital of

Better Home .

Cairo Business Plaza new capital

The largest administrative building in the financial district has been executed within the administrative

capital city, which is the best project for Better Home, the real estate company

The company has taken it upon itself to have a project with many areas and a dedicated space in

order to gain the satisfaction of our valued customers who

They love creativity in designs and spaces, for this we have tried to provide a sophisticated

management group suitable for all spaces and conditions

We will talk later about the details of the project as it meets all the requirements and desires

of the owners.

Cairo Business Plaza new capital

It is one of the most important administrative projects that are known to be among the best and

most prestigious projects that are being established in the administrative capital.

This requirement was due to the owner company to be equipped with the spaces that customers

wanted knowing that the spaces

In the project it will be from 45 square meters and up to 240 square meters.

As it is considered the first start that all your requests will be of new spaces, decorations and designs

, Cairo Business Plaza Mall includes a distinguished set of services, facilities and special

recreational places that include a group of entertainment games for adults and children and

are available to all, making you enjoy there more.

Cairo Business Plaza the administrative capital Location

Cairo Business Plaza, the capital city, is located in the most lively and important places, famous

for its vitality and vitality

And creativity in the design found in the newest residential cities newly established and

characterized by luxury and paper

Inside the new administrative capital, because it is in the seventh residential neighborhood,

which is called R7, and it is one of the most important residential places in terms of calm and liveliness.

Where he proves his presence in an industrial, commercial and residential area where he is near Cairo International Airport and the exhibition grounds

The ministries district, the government district, and the ring road that leads to many neighboring

cities, which is the lifeblood

As for the new administrative capital and easy access to the required areas.

The area of ​​the Cairo Business Plaza project is the administrative capital

The company executing the project, Better Home Company, was interested in using a large

area of ​​the administrative capital land to implement its distinguished administrative project,

which is characterized by the luxurious European style.

Cairo Business Plaza Mall, the administrative capital, is built on an area of ​​60 acres, and you

find it, dear

Cairo Business Plaza new capital

The client has many training buildings, for which an area of ​​20 acres of space has been allocated.

As for the other services and green areas, they are about 40 acres.

So that project will provide all the services you are looking for in life and want to enjoy the best

and best units and services

Because it was designed in creative ways and methods that attract the attention of customers

and investors, so that the project has become the whole world is talking about in various countries

of the world, where she built designs and decorations and high-quality methods and is among

the administrative work that is distinguished and distinguished.

Cairo Business Plaza project services

Cairo Business Plaza, the administrative capital, has been interested in providing a range of

entertainment services that serve most owners

Such as the implementation of a group of parks: The company was interested in working to

establish a group of parks and public parks

So have fun and have a great time, besides allowing in bicycles and there is a special track

for walking and jogging

Riding a bicycle is very safe and completely far from cars, which makes you not to worry

about children because it is highly insured.

Create a zone for the facilities: There are a group of different facilities that give you enjoy

sitting in the project, and there is a maintenance team that specializes in solving problems

in a short period of time as well as a group of restaurants

And cafes that provide delicious food, and provide and equip a barbecue area for families

and away from residential places besides caring for a group of councils in most parts of the project.

The presence of a security team: We find the company contracts with a group of the largest

security agency in Cairo to provide a group

It is one of the specialized people to care for and protect the project and keep the mall residents

inside it as it is distributed in a way

Distinctive as well as a group of cameras and well monitored 24 hours a day as no one from the

population is exposed

To anxiety or fear and tension.

Sports club: The project includes the best sporting place, as everyone loves sports and loves to


Cairo Business Plaza new capital

And playing football The club offers you many services that help you in developing special talents

And spend their spare time, where there is a group of distinguished coaches and professionals

Cairo Business Plaza is the largest administrative mall in the administrative capital

The most important features of the Cairo Business Mall Mall administrative capital

The project includes a set of international benefits that everyone is looking for in the project, as

it provides you with the following:

Medical service area There is a multiple group of international medical centers equipped and

ready to receive patients throughout the day and working to meet their needs and we find an

emergency room in which the best global methods exist to aid the patient at once, along with

an area for medical examinations and regular rumors and dye rumors and this is through

Distinguished elite of the best doctors and those with experience certificates

Shopping mall: There are a number of shops that meet all the needs of owners in the project

And help them in obtaining all their personal belongings, which is a collection of international

brands that are available in clothing and shoes

Bags, parapets, accessories and many more things, so you can book your business unit by

calling customer service

Hypermarket: There is the largest hypermarket with a group of purchases and a number of

different purposes brands and prices that suit the needs of the people and the desire of their

children, for this contact us so that you can reserve and to enjoy the best housing units at premium prices

Cairo Business Plaza is the largest administrative mall in the administrative capital

Cairo Business Plaza Administrative Capital project prices

Better Home has worked to provide a very distinctive and ideal set of prices and offers in order

to obtain a housing unit

And a simultaneous commercial unit for work and investment of choice is up to you, and the

company provided a facility for payment and services

Installment, which is 10% down payment and 8 years installment, so do not hesitate and contact us

before the administrative units run out in

Cairo Business Park Mall New Capital.

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

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