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Green Avenue New Capital

Green Avenue New Capital New Jersy

Green Avenue New Capital , the new administrative capital, is the project that will fulfill your dreams for you and your family and help you to obtain a new apartment that provides you with a new approach in your life, as all the housing units in the project enjoy many of the services and brilliant real estate works in the real estate development market. New Jersey Developments has a bunch of works

Sparkling entertainment services through which enjoyment of luxury and reassurance for children, because the entire project is totally protected, there can be no danger in it, and this is one of the most important features of the project, which we will learn about in detail in the coming lines.

Green Avenue New Capital

Green Avenue New Capital compound location

The project was established on a new method and a new and developed approach in the heart of the administrative capital to be an integrated project that can provide comfort for all residents in it,

and the role of the owner company in this was great because it is she who chose this wonderful

and distinguished geographical location in the seventh residential neighborhood R7 and in the

distinct piece N6 It is very sparkling because it is located in the heart of the capital and is bordered by many

luxurious and vital areas as it is located near the green river.

It is very close to the Opera House, the cathedral, the Grand Mosque, the Al Masa Hotel and the government

quarter, and it is 10 minutes away From the presidential palace and diplomatic quarter, and it is close to

the new Cairo airport, and these areas are considered to be among the most prestigious Residential units located in the administrative capital and can be located next to it at any time by obtaining a housing

unit in The Green Avenue administrative capital project which enables you to reach the American

University in just a few simple steps from the project.

How much area of ​​Green Avenue capital?

The owner company worked on making this project one of the advanced projects that take place on a large

area of ​​acres It can serve the entire population of the project, so the entire project was designed over an

area of ​​11 and a half acres and divided In a professional manner, through which residential units and entertainment services are obtained, an area of ​​22,5% of the area is divided The area for the construction of various buildings to construct, as the entire project is about 17 buildings distributed equivalent of 490 Apartment to be integrated services and spaces, and the following spaces were provided: A group of luxury apartments starting from 100 square meters and up to 196 square meters. A group of penthouses from 170 square meters and up to 259 square meters.
Duplex apartments range from 184 square meters and reach 328 square meters.
All units are completely finished using an advanced technology method through which you can live in luxury

and happiness throughout Age, as well as the diversification of housing units in order for the project to meet

all customer requests, which will take place Delivery of customers to all residential units is immediate.

Green Avenue New Capital

Green Avenue New Capital Details and Facilities

Green Avenue project is a new approach and a new life shining in the lives of many citizens, because it works to get rid of The crowds in Cairo are conducive to urban development, since this project tackles its design in an innovative way that it works on Providing more than one service within the project that can be used by you and your family throughout the day, which is implementing over an area 79% of the total area of ​​the project, so that these services are as follows:

The presence of a large security team at the entrances of the project and the distribution of a set of

surveillance cameras throughout the site in order to protect everyone and preserve the lives of the project’s residents. The presence of a group of private garages that are provided underground to put cars at any time.
Providing large green spaces distributed among the group of buildings constructing in the project, as well as allocating part of it for running, walking, and riding stairs.
Having the largest swimming pools helps leisure for you and your family, and other pools are given for

women.The presence of a group of entertainment games for children and adults, available 24 hours.
Having a nursery inside the project has the best developed ways to work to teach children quickly and

to respond with teachers. The presence of multiple groups of various medical centers through which a examination can be made at any time in all specialties besides the presence of a pharmacy specific to the project.
A large mall contains many luxury shops that can cater to all needs.

Prices and payment systems in Green Avenue new capital

The prices at New Jersey Real Estate are completely different from the prices for any other company

you work with, and that’s because It works to provide comfort to customers compared to any other company

, as the units of the project are delivered at the lowest prices, This is because it is divided into 3 different

phases. The third stage of this project is an integrated phase, which takes place

Finished with high quality and contains a set of modern adaptations, which makes the price per square meter within the project for all units beginning

From 8,500 pounds to 10,750 pounds, this is provided by New Jersey, in addition to the work of the i

nstallment system to facilitate

Green Avenue New Capital

Customer payment process where the implementation of the system as follows:

Pay 5% of the total unit price, with the remainder of the installment over 7 years, provided that the installments are equal.
Pay 10% of the total unit price, with the remaining installments over 8 years, provided that the installments are equal.
Paying 15% of the total unit price, with the remaining installments over 9 years, provided that the installments

are equal.

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