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Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

Il Monte Galala by tatweer Masr

The village of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is one of the newest distinctive housing projects located in the heart of Ain Sokhna, a development company

Egypt, which is one of the largest distinguished real estate companies that exist on the scene

As the company designs the best sites and projects on the latest international models that exist and seeks to provide a wide range of services that make the project integrated in the pillars, we will review information about the village of Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna for those who want to get to know them.

Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

The owner of Il Monte Galala El Ain El Sokhna :

Tatweer Misr is interested in creating a new different look at the investment of real

estate market This is because it is one of the major

companies working in this field since several years , so it became one of the successful

urban companies that have accomplished

Many mega projects that enjoy privacy and luxury. The following is the accomplishment

progress in this advanced project, which the

company is paid much attention to and worked to develop and grow in a distinct way,

which has established many other projects, which are:

Fouka Bay North Coast.
Bloom Fields New Cairo.
Phia IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.

And many other brilliant projects that serve many citizens, as was the achievement that

Tatweer Misr presented in these projects is an excellent business which has made it a leading company.

Il Monte Galala el Ain el Sokhna Area and Location

The project is located in the waters of the Gulf of Suez and the Galala Mountains, and it is located

near the city of Galala,

The site is only seven kilometers away from Movenic Hotel and 11 kilometers from the famous

Porto Sokhna.

The project extends approximately 1.3 square meters on the coast located there and is characterized by turquoise water and distinguished sand.

The village of Monte Galala is located sixty kilometers from the administrative capital and by car it

takes only half an hour,

And away from the city of Cairo, about 175 kilometers, about an hour in your car only, and a bridge

is created to move on the Zaafarana Road

As the bridge will serve a very large group of places that will serve many citizens.

The area of ​​the village of Monte Galala Ain Sokhna is approximately 2.2 million square kilometers,

approximately 520 acres, which is a very large area and there is a distinct industrial lake

It is about forty-five square meters, the construction has been completed on an area of ​​ten percent

and the rest has been left with wide green areas.

Il Monte Galala el Ain el Sokhna Detalis and Amenties

There is a large set of features that you can get by living in the village of Monte Galala Ain Sokhna,

among which are the most prominent:

The village was built on a high mountainous slope, thus it is considered the first tourist village to be

designed on a mountain slope in the Arab Republic of Egypt and therefore it is unique in its location.
It is near Cairo and the new administrative capital, which makes it easy for you to move around.
The project belongs to Tatweer Misr, whose long history is known, and therefore it is distinguished

and has great confidence, you will get safety, as it is a well-known Egyptian company that provides

you with all guarantees and makes you get a very distinguished place.
There are unparalleled landscapes that will make you live in a distinct atmosphere where the

privileged place. You can also enjoy all the landscapes there that are amazing to everyone.
A group of distinguished terraces are designed on the foot of the mountain, enabling you to

stand on them and then enjoy a wonderful panoramic view, as these terraces are considered

to be an artistic painting located there.
There is complete calm where you can enjoy relaxation with a wide range of entertainment places,
As for the climate is excellent as it is moderate throughout the year, you can enjoy the summer

and winter at the same time, the climate is very distinct.

Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

All the housing units located in the village of Almont Galala Ain Sokhna overlook the coast,

which makes you enjoy a wonderful landscape
It also directly overlooks the Crystal Lagoons, where you can swim there and enjoy all the

natural beauty.
There are excellent 7-star hotels that have great service, and there is a wide range of

services that make everyone praises them efficiently.

Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

There are all areas available so you can get a number of housing units according to the

number of individuals and the different capabilities that citizens have.
There are apartments and chalets, as well as a group of duplex units with a number of

villas in various areas to choose from the most appropriate.
There is a very high level of security where you can enjoy security at the highest possible level
There are security cameras to monitor safety to protect adults and children.
Significant green spaces were left between the buildings to leave room for privacy for all

guests there to enjoy the maximum possible privacy.

Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

Design of project Il Monte Galala el ain el Sokhna

There are a number of important additional services provided in the village of Monte Galala, including:

a large number of parks to sit in and enjoy the wonderful climate accompanied by the family,

so you can visit it on holidays. a group of very distinct restaurants that will enable you to eat

a range of international cuisine That will make you dazzled by the beauty of the international dishes

served to you by the top chefs out there.
wonderful clubs, one of which is dedicated to teaching mountaineering skills, there are others for

teaching yoga, sports clubs for football, etc.
gym for men and another for women.
a group of distinct yachts that enable you to take a distinct cruise, so you can take a trip with friends

and family to enjoy the natural scenery there.
a number of markets and luxury shops that provide you with a great opportunity to shop and get

all the products you want from all international brands.
spa salons, sauna and jacuzzi.
a range of education centers and a number of different schools and nurseries that are suitable for

young people. There is also a university design.
Electricity and water were connected to all units in the village to facilitate the citizens immediate housing.

Prices and payment systems in Il Monte Galala el ain el sokhna

Huge discounts and great payment facilities are offered, you can book very quickly to get this

Offers and before the reservation ends:

The first stage you can pay ten percent down payment upon receipt and installment for a full 7 years.
The second stage, in which you can pay ten percent, and installment over 8 years.
The third stage is paid ten percent advance and installment over 7 years.
Delivery takes place only within 4 years of contracting with the company.
You can specify your price according to the unit or the chalet, as the fewer people and the place

is small, the price will be lower Also, the price of villas differs from small units and the price starts

from one million and 900 thousand Egyptian pounds onlyYou can choose according to the capabilities

available to you with choosing the right installment, as you can determine the right installment for

you through an agreement with the company.

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

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