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Isla el ain el sokhna

Isla il monte galala ain sokhna

Isla el ain el sokhna by Tatweer Misr has proudly announced the most important and recent stage

in Il Monte Galala project, Ain Sokhna, which is Isla El Sokhna. Designed to embrace

the island’s life, it gives you an attractive and wonderful aquatic look Divided into two parts,

the first stage is isla il Monte Galala, which is a small townhouse only and is next to some small area

Among its advantages is that it has a special price and is located on the first row on the

Crystal Lagoons, and in front of your chalet, a direct view of the sea in ISLA IL Monte Galala until

you open the balcony of your chalet, you see a wonderful view and attract attention and the

lagoons will be Its height is 60 meters on the sea surface in the form of a waterfall and the

second part of the chalets, villas and townhouses in Isla el ain el sokhna is also an island and

it is larger than the previous and the highest point on the island is at an altitude of 90 meters

and on the Lagoon View directly And the broadest and most beautiful view of the island of il Monte

Galala and its prices are very special for what surrounds it from the Lagoon View in the widest area

and therefore its prices are available and does not match the competition in this special area of

​​the village of il Monte Galala

Isla el ain el sokhna chalets

Isla el ain el sokhna

is a part connected to il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna and is characterized

by an excellent and very famous location among the villages of Ain Sokhna in the city of Galala.

Il Monte Galala village, Ain Sokhna, will allow you to have an entertaining and magical experience,

as the designs of the village have been quoted.

Taken from the attractive mountainous area of ​​Portfolio in Italy, with a mountain view with the most

beautiful landscapes that make you enjoy an entertaining lifestyle as well as a variety of delightful

colors of units and a clear view of the parks and the luxurious crystal lagoons.

Isla el ain el sokhna

The owner company of ISLA IL Monte Galala and previous works :

The project is part of Tatweer Misr real estate company projects in Ain Sokhna.

It is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2014 and since its foundation and we bear

its responsibility in achieving and establishing many residential projects with multiple uses and full services

Through the use of new architecture to create and equip large housing complexes that are filled

with many wonderful landscapes and provide all services through cooperation with the expertise

of many engineering and commercial minds of shareholders.

The shareholders of Misr Real Estate Development Company are the groups of Arafa,

Dawood and Al-Ahram companies, who were among the most important partners in the

establishment of many large projects. And on the most important projects of Tatweer Misr as follows:

Compound Bloom Fields New Cairo
Fouka Bay North Coast Resort
And all of these projects are known to be among the most important and distinguished projects

that have met with great success.

Isla el ain el sokhna by tatweer misr

To reach its last projects, Il Monte Galala sokhna Resort, with an investment value of about 8 billion

pounds, and the project is implemented in two phases. Which quoted the view of the mountains that are

Lit in Portfolio, where I tried through the designs of il Monte Galala.

A perfect mix and harmony between the modern architectural design and the development of the

units, with the diversity of the simplicity and simplicity of the surrounding natural environment.

The location of Isla IL Monte Galala is El Sokhna is in fact a tourist mountain

resort that senses you with the beauty of striking views of the Red Sea coast all days of the year,

and gives you a life of ultimate comfort and luxury.

Isla el ain el sokhna location

Located in the Gulf of Suez on The summit of Mount Galala, about 120 km from Cairo and 11 km

from Porto Sokhna, and 7 km from Movenpick, and not only that but also the village is close to many

areas that would like Quickly access it.

Isla el ain el sokhna master plan

Isla el ain el sokhna area

The company has chosen a large area to be sufficient for the residential sector and the service

sector within the villages, as it was established

By building the village on an area of approximately 25 acres,  this area is relatively large,

The width of the beach is about 1300 meters, the depth of the village is about 1354, and the first

stage was built over an area

It is about 170 acres of the area of the village, and the entire village was built on a terrace system

over the top of the mountain, and the highest point above sea level is about 220 meters.

Isla il Monte Galala chalets in Ain Sokhna:

We also mentioned that the company has opened a new expansion for the village, which are Isla

IL Monte Galala chalets in IL Monte Galala, which is located on an island within the village, and its

division is similar to the interior of the townhouse, but its area is smaller

From the townhouse, one of the most important things that will make you prefer housing in this type

of chalets that it overlooks Crystal Lagoons at the first destination, which makes you feel that you have the

Crystal Lagoons Lake, and you can reach the beach And the sea in a short time, and one of the

most important advantages of this type of chalets is that they are very special and cheap, and these

chalets are located At an altitude of about 60 meters from the sea surface, which makes it appear in

the form of waterfalls.

There is also a new expansion in Twin House, Townhouse and Villas, as the company has

established an island made up of all these units, and this island is located at an altitude of

about 90 meters from the sea surface, and also overlooks a wider view of the Crystal Lagoons.

Isla el ain el sokhna

Isla il monte galala ain sokhna details and facilities

Il Monte Galala village was divided in an ideal way to include a waterfront and a central area,

and there is a special area for high altitudes, and the company provided a great pleasure for all residents

within the village in the 3 sections, where the company provided a lot of different services,

and these services are:

  • special track for running, walking, and bike riding in the morning and evening.
  •  area with all sports fields for all sports such as squash, tennis, football, etc.
  • The first mountain lake in the whole world, namely Crystal Lagoons, which gives a wonderful view of the village.
  • several hotels in the village, 3 small hotels, and also two large international 5-star hotels, similar as in the Maldives.
  • huge food court within the village to eat and it has many restaurants that you can choose between your preferences.
  • a health and fitness club with spa, massage, sauna and jacuzzi services.
  •  green spaces that give fresh air to the village, and  many swimming pools equipped with safety services.

Isla el ain el sokhna

Payment Plans :

5% down payment, 6 months grace period, and 10 years equal installments.

All housing units are to be delivered within 4 years from the date of the contract, and it

is worth noting that the units are all delivered with complete finishing.

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