Iwan Developments

Iwan Developments company

Iwan Developments

As the major subdivision of the group, IWAN for Investment and Development is an established

player in the Egyptian Real Estate market, with numerous successful medium to large scale

residential, administrative and commercial projects under their belt. IWAN has created a valued

portfolio with array of choices ranging from small to big villas, fully/

semi-finished, twin/ town homes and apartments, IWAN has created a complete portfolio of choices.

For those who seek indulgence and peace of mind, you are living in a place where your neighbors are your friends. The feel-good neighborhood is comprised of a compound shared with friends and family that add to your existence. The more that join, the better you feel.

Iwan Developments

With a simplistic yet Modern architecture with inspirations from all over the world, each project holds its own essence and designs yet offers an array of living space options that cater to your every whim.


We focus on relevant innovation from idea to delivery.  Our business is based on integration and attention to details that brings value. Every business decision will support the development of IWAN’s equity and business.

IWAN’s success is based on sustainability; we are committed to superior returns and sustainable development for future generations.


Leading the way, delivering genuine value, and innovative integrated real estate solutions.

Previous work of Iwan

iwan company has done more than one project and they are :

The 6th of October region contains:

Jedar Compound, Jeera, Jewar, Alma, Atrio,

Veda, Access, Jubial

In Ain Sokhna: MAJADA AIN ELSOKHNA Project

And now on Fifth Avenue:






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