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Jada new cairo compound

Jada fifth settlement by iwan developments

Jada new cairo compound

A new project launched by Ewan Real Estate in New Cairo, after it presented a lot during 17 years

of excellence in Real Estate We will explain the history of this ancient company, Iwan Real Estate,

to present iwan new Cairo, its first project in this region

After many real estate projects

The Fifth Avenue Jada new Cairo is one of the most distinguished projects that will be held in the

Fifth District Since the gathering began to be a distinct new city, Iwan Real Estate Company chose

the location in the 5th settlement to be established With her distinguished project, New Cairo Avenue

Jada new cairo compound

Jada new cairo location

Jada iwan fifth settlement area and location

Iwan Real Estate was distinguished by choosing the site of New Cairo Avenue as it was

distinguished in selecting 9 previous projects because it believes that your residence is the most

important and first point you are looking for to choose a successful, distinguished and different housing

Therefore, she chose the most important area in the Fifth Avenue, which is the main ninety Street,

it became the most important region in the Fifth Settlement, so Ewan chose to have the Jada

New Cairo project to be on the main ninety Street 3 minutes from the American University to put

you in the most strategic location in New Cairo. .

Also, a serious project has special and distinctive ways in it, as the Jada project has 5 entrances

to the project

Ewan Real Estate strives to establish a complete integrated project in Jaddah Al Tagamoa,

to choose everything carefully, project in the best location, best designs, and unique prices

at this moment that can be increased, because Jada project offers a very unique value to the project.

Jada new cairo compound

Jada new cairo compound

Avenue compound is held on Fifth Avenue on ninety Street on a huge area and is 104 acres of

sophistication and luxury

A serious project will be one of the largest projects in Fifth Avenue in this area on Main Street 90,

this area

The huge helps to make Ewan Avenue compound Fifth Avenue, with many services, land scape

and unique designs

And the privacy spaces between the buildings in the Ewan project, Fifth Settlement, Jada new


Ewan Real Estate has sought from years since its inception 17 years ago to be present in the

Fifth Settlement area since its inception

I was the fifth gathering at its beginning, but getting into the fifth assembly area was a big

challenge that you always had

Ewan Real Estate Ali excels in any challenge you take, as it excels in 6 October City and

Sheikh Zayed with many projects

Unique that we will talk about in the following after we explain, as Iwan has challenged real

estate and won the challenge to enter the fifth assembly

The best location on the main 90th Street

That is why Ewan Properties chose the best engineering consultants to prepare a unique project

for designs and architecture

Jada new cairo compound details and facilities

Jada new cairo compound

Jadda Compound is distinguished by many services and features by Ewan Real Estate Company

Sporadic green spaces in New Cairo Avenue project
A social club in the middle of the project
swimming pool
Artificial lakes, Crystal Lagoons separated on the area of Jada New Capital
More than one Courtyard with distinctive and distinct Landscape scape designs
Meadow commercial area by the largest commercial design companies in the world

Woods BAGOT, which had the largest global commercial precedence is Dubai City Walk

to do a unique commercial area on Fifth Avenue Avenue Jada new cairo
security cameras
Security and guarding 24/7

Jada new cairo compound

Jada new cairo unites types and areas ana prices:

iwan Real Estate offers a lot of different spaces in Aljameen Avenue project to satisfy all

customer requirements

Of small and large areas and the provision of all types of units in Jada iwan new cairo compound

Apartment spaces on Jada New Cairo Avenue start from 75 square meters to 220 square meters
Villa spaces on Fifth Avenue Jada new cairo start from 160 square meters to 280 square meters
Types of units in the Jada new cairo project
Twin House

The price starts at the 5th settlement camp in Iwan with unique prices for this special area,

where prices start per meter from 19,500 pounds

Prices for villas on Fifth Avenue Jada new cairo start from 6,400,000 EGP

Ewan Real Estate Company also provided distinct payment systems to facilitate all Iwan

purchase customers.

Jada new cairo compound

Previous work of Iwan

iwan company has done more than one project and they are :

The 6th of October region contains:

Jedar Compound, Jeera, Jewar, Alma, Atrio,

Veda, Access, Jubial

In Ain Sokhna: MAJADA AIN ELSOKHNA Project

And now on Fifth Avenue: JADA NEW CAIRO

Jada new cairo compound

Jada new cairo compound

payment plans:

There are many payment systems available at Jada New Cairo compound in Fifth Avenue.

The first payment system in Al-Tagamoa Avenue is 5% reservation, then the remaining 5%

is the installments over 7 years.
The second payment system on Fifth Avenue Avenue is 5% reservation, then 10% down payment,

the remaining installments over 8 years.

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

for more info call us


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