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Keeva 6th of october

Keeva 6th of october city by al ahly sabbour

Keeva 6th of october city

Al Ahly Sabbour Developments is now launching in the heart of 6th of October. This exceptionality

of KEEVA  6 october compound promises to deliver the tranquility of living the modern country side life, with open spaces

and artistic simplicity where peace of mind is a way of life. Call now for priority selection.

Keeva 6th of october location

Keeva 6th of october city Area and Location

Al Ahly sabbour developments offers you a premium location within an array of remarkable

and distinct experiences. KEEVA is minutes away from all amenities and services you need,

allowing you the perfect mixture of accessibility and exclusivity. This truly unique location

promises you an array of remarkable and distinct experiences.

Spread on an area of 144 acres , right behind Dahshour Joint road .and many compounds.

Keeva 6 october city Details and facilities

Keeva master plan

The educational services that surround the project, such as the University of Egypt and other

major international universities
Marketing services that make you close to everything near Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia,

the largest mall in Egypt
Health services, near its largest hospital in Egypt, provides global health services, Dar Al Fouad

Next to the largest real estate projects, so that your neighbors live in a distinct social level
It is on Dahshur Road directly
There are other services and features that make you lead the ideal life in Keeva October 6 because

Sabbour Company knows yet

25 years of success. Your design plan payment slogan is to design for every customer a distinct

and multiple payment methods

To make it easy for all of its customers to purchase and pay, it was distinguished by several

payment methods.

Keeva 6th of october units types

some of it’s facilities:

Highest level playing fields with all games
Service area
Shops, international restaurants
swimming pool
security cameras
Security and guarding 24/7

Keeva twin house

Units areas – types and prices :

It provided traditional independent villas
It provided independent villas called Villas lofts
Twin House provided
Townhouse Corner provided
Townhouse Middle provided
It provided buildings called Residences
These types will be explained in detail to clarify more on our customers:

Traditional villas
These are regular villas that consist of ground, first and second roofs, with the same breakdown

as usual villas in Sabbour Al Ahly Real Estate Projects

Lofts Villas
It is an innovative type of villa from Sabbour Al Ahly for Real Estate Development. It is

a traditional villa with distinct divisions, as this

A type of foundations villas to maintain privacy and independence within your home,

that inside each villa there is a studio

Private living with very unique divisions, reception, loft bedroom, bathroom, kitchen to

be in a separate unit

Completely inside your villa to maintain privacy with the presence of guests and the

independence of any individual in the family who seeks to have his own world in Keeva 6 October compound

Residences Buildings
It was called this so as not to be called buildings, but it was mentioned that they are buildings

to clarify, but it is something newer and more luxurious

From being called residential buildings, it is because it is my land in Genena, first and second

only, it suggests that a villa inside the Kiva project

In Kiva, October 6, keeva 6 october, you don’t live in condominiums, you live in detached villas

with great designs.

Keeva 6th of october compound

With the same prices as traditional apartments to live in a wonderful standard of living inside a

compound surrounded by villas to make you see

A very sophisticated residential community within Keeva 6 October .

Starting prices :

Apartments G+2 starting: 1,850,000
( fully finished)

*Town house middle starting :3,900,000

*Town house corner starting: 4,400,000

* twin house starting:

* stand alone villa starting: 7,500,000

( semi finished)

Keeva 6th of october apartments

Payment plans:

1) 5% down payment installments over 8 year’s ( equal)

2) 10% down payment installments over 9 year’s (equal)

3) 15% down payment installments over 10 year’s (equal)

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

for more info call us


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