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La capitale suite lagoons new capital Location

La capitale east new capital Location by pyramids

La capitale suite lagoons new capital Location

A unique strategic location was chosen in new administrative capital, in the seventh district,

the distinct R7 area In the administrative capital, which contains all the important government institutions

, the presidential palace, international universities and the Green River The largest central park in Africa

is all this and more in the R7, so it was a choice of this special area before Pyramids Real Estate

Company has always donated the choice of strategic locations for its projects La Capital Suite Lagoons is located in District R7 in block E 21, next to the diplomatic quarter  in which it is located Embassies

of the world in Egypt and this gives the location La Capital Sweet Lagoons a high  investment and

residential value located on 3 main streets with a width of 90 m and directly overlooks the diplomatic

quarter And also close to the British University, which makes you have the ability to invest your

hotel unit  for expatriates to the university To make you a stronger investment in real estate in

Egypt and the Middle East.

La Capital Suite Lagoons project (formerly La Capital East new capital) is located on a reasonable

area to maintain population density.


La Capital Suite Lagoons new capital is located on an area of ​​30.5 acres, which is e

quivalent to (128100) m. This is an area Make the Capital Suite project a unique density for you.

Do not make the project with oxidation to reside in a distinctive society you enjoy

Privacy in the origin of hotel life in the administrative capital, with distinctive views of the Embassy

District ,  Pyramids Real Estate Company has always distinguished itself with its world-class designs of

premium contracting and designs .

La capitale suite lagoons new capital Location

The thought of La Capital suite lagoons is a new thought that will bring it to the real estate market with a

different nature of excellence It is a residential hotel project for tourism, the first of its kind in

the administrative capital, to put you in your residence In a hotel inside your house to stay in your

residence inside a hotel unit of everything in terms of services to make you live

In a hotel tourism community as we talked about it when it was disclosed by real estate company

Pyramids and we talked In our real estate newsletter entitled: ” Pyramids” Compound La Capitale Suite Lagoons

the first tourist hotel apartment complex to be presented to you, we review more for you.

For La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital, about its features and the new idea that will

be detailed in it Pyramids has always been an initiative with unique ideas that it was an initiative

of the idea of ​​ the first installment of rent and it was a very successful idea And it brought a great

return on real estate investment to be owned by your unit 20% or premium after rent.

How is the designs of the compound La Capitale suite lagoons?

Pyramids from its previous history, which we will get to know in detail in the next title, is Pyramids

Always depend entirely on international designs and lavish architectural design always and this will follow

In designs and construction of the strongest projects of Pyramids Real Estate Company in 2020 La Capital suite lagoons, the administrative capital.

The services of La Capital Suite Lagoons the new administrative capital?

Pyramids Real Estate Company is always distinguished by providing distinguished services in any

of its projects, as it was the owner of the previous one that it was constructing

The Eiffel Tower in Paris Mall and Paris East Mall Two towers were made in the form of Eiffel and

the Paris Mall and Paris East Mall were connected to a cable car linking them. The first cable car

was set up in the new administrative capital.

La Capital East project distinguished the new administrative capital with many unique services.

Advantages of compound La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital?

Industrial lakes.

Commercial area.

International restaurants, shops.


Green spaces.

Integrated smart system.

Kids Aria is for children.

Swimming pools distributed on the compound La Capital East, the administrative capital.

security cameras.

Security and guarding.

La Capitale Suite Lagoons New Capital

Pyramids Real Estate always puts you at the top with unique services, location, the strongest

return on investment, and easy payment

Make you own your unit with Pyramids, start paying your installments with the first rent,

how much the return on investment

Take the opportunity and book at La Capital East, the new capital, the first residential and

residential hotel compound in the administrative capital

La capitale suite lagoons new capital Location

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

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