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Memaar Al Morshedy developments

Memaar Al Morshedy One of the famous companies, which is doing architectural works

Different in terms of planning and implementation, and this company was built in the Gregorian year

1983, and those who supervised Its construction included a group of the most important engineers

as well as architects, and at the beginning of the projects that it implemented were

In the city of Cairo in Maadi, where it has carried out many different housing units, and that company

specializes in Executing its project, provided that each of the housing units, as well as the administrative

and service units, are provided Diversify the services in the same project to make life easier for

customers more, and through this article we will learn more About Memaar Al Morshedy and its

most important projects.

Memaar Al Morshedy

Memaar Al Morshedy company has very great experience in the architectural and construction

works, as it works In this field for more than thirty years, and has practiced this profession since

this time, and now she has sufficient experience in business Building and various designs, and you

know how to create a new project every time you decide to implement a project, even though it is

She has set up several projects, but her projects differ from each other, and may be similar to the

loss of some features and services that are provided Progress, because it is keen in each project to

provide its best, and has implemented all of its projects in the same way,

She was renowned for her expertise, and her projects were the first choice for clients as a whole.

When was Memaar Al Morshedy founded ?

Mimar Al-Murshidi Company was established 30 years ago, specifically in the year 1983 AD,

which was founded by the engineer Muhammad al-Murshidi, and because he has a different strategic

view, the engineer has recruited a large talented team made up of distinguished engineers and

architects, so they increased the strength of the company and its distinctive ideas, they are the basis,

and started its projects in Cairo .She created and began to be known for her business, and customers

were still waiting for more of the company’s business, and she had already done many Of projects.

What designs does Memaar Al Morshedy follow in its projects?

Memaar Al Morshedy is following a plan to create the latest designs for every project it works on

Its implementation, it has already succeeded in setting up many different designs for its entire projects,

and got great success and demand History has never seen it before, and I have been keen to make

designs to match all customer tastes and shapes .These designs are the units from the outside and

the entire project, as they have grouped all cultures and put them in different designs and introduce

some distinct ideas on them, as they designed the units from the income in imaginary ways that

satisfy everyone, and everyone wishes Living alone is in the same design that our company offers.

Some projects of Memaar Al-Morshedy Company

We will show you a group of projects that have been implemented by Mimar Al-Morshedy,

which have executed them with high accuracy and skill.

One Katameya Project: –

This project has many different purposes, and there are about eight buildings that are administrative

and other residential buildings of up to thirty buildings, and each building in this project contains a

facade that is Transparent cover that catches the light.

Rehana Avenue project: –

This project is located in Zahraa El Maadi, and the architecture of this project is near

One of the cities in the Netherlands, because the office that designed it is a famous Dutch office,

and it has been implemented On an area of ​​about 2 acres, there is a ground floor for up to 11 loft floors

, and there are approximately eight Entries are similar to the entrances to hotels.

Degla Palmer’s Project: –

This project was implemented on an area of ​​approximately 350 acres, and there are approximately

34272 housing units, and the first phase of this project has been built in approximately 241 buildings

, and the first phase took about 125 acres of the total area, and constitutes That area is a group of

the most important services provided by Mimar Al-Morshedy Company MemaarAl Morshedy with all

its projects.

Lake Front in October: –

To implement this project, it took about 37 acres, and the building area is only about 26%.

Of the total area of ​​this project, and as for the rest of the area, it was for services, facilities and

green areas, and the residential units for this project start from 109 square meters and reach

about 332 square meters.

Memaar Al Morshedy

Katameya Business Gate project.
Katameya Medical Gate Project.
Katameya Gate, Mimar El Morshedy.
Maadi Skyline project.
Bavaria Town Maadi Project.
Degla Gardens Compound, 6th of October.
Rayhan Plaza Maadi project.
Grand Gate Maadi.
Degla Towers Nasr City project.
Degla Land Mark Nasr City project.
Degla View Compound Maadi.
Crystal Plaza Maadi project.
Sarayat Maadi Suites Project.

and last of them

ZAHRA north coast

The most famous project of Memaar Al Morshedy is the village of North Coast flower, which is

Of the very large and distinctive villages, located specifically Zahra north coast in kilo 73, and very

close to the city of El Alamein, which is the village of Zahra north coast supervised

The most important large companies that have very great experience in this field have to implement

them, and they are among the most well known companies

It is well-known for a long time, because it carried out many previous projects, and in that village is

the flower of Mimar Al-Murshidi, the northern coast gets all that it might need, because all the

entertainment services as well as the basic exist in it, And that village is the flower of the northern coast,

one of the most important villages that you can call it integrated in all aspects, from

Where the units, services and features in Zahrat Sahel and everything comes to mind on the North Coast.

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