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Ora Developers egypt for real estate investments

Ora Developments

The famous businessman (Naguib Sawiris) has accomplished many projects that achieved a

great goal, and my sister

Now it continues to provide more different projects, which have been chosen with places of precision,

care and wonderful strategic locations, as it has made them more distinguished by providing many

services that have made its projects one of the most projects

Which is very popular in the heart of the new cities, and Naguib Sawiris has announced that he is

preparing to launch one of her new projects

In the Fifth District, and as always, we are waiting for a special project that everyone wants to be

and live with, and we will get to know

Through the following lines about the Zed East Ora project, Fifth Settlement.

Naguib Sawiris, a well-known businessman, is chairman of the board of directors of the company

that oversaw.

Ora Developments

On the implementation of the fifth assembly Ora, which is the company (OraDevelopment Project)

and also has an executive head, and he said the plans

In the coming period, which will take place, as he said that our company has finally satisfied with the

projects that it undertook in the beautiful city of Sheikh Zayed, which is Zed Sheikh Zayed, and now

I went to the fifth assembly area and had acquired a huge new piece of land to set up a new project

Mumayaz Walchi will be famous quickly because from now he has made a very big noise, and he

said that this project will include many

Of services, villas, apartments and many other housing units, and that there will be a very large garden

It provides you with all means of entertainment.

Ora Real Estate Company is considered one of the most important pioneering companies in the

field of developing integrated urban projects, with international specifications, and permanent

keenness to provide a distinctive entertainment side in all its projects.

Ora is a global company that owns investments in 8 countries outside Egypt. Its global investments

amount to 2.5 billion dollars.

Aura presents a new project to the famous businessman, Eng. Naguib Sawiris, whose company

has undertaken many giant projects that have left a clear imprint on the Egyptian real estate

investment market.

Ora Developments

Naguib Sawiris project in the fifth assembly of Ora

Ora, the company owned by Eng. Naguib Sawiris, decided to develop and invest in the New

Cairo area

With a giant and distinguished project in the fifth assembly, the first phase of the project will be

launched next March

No details of the project have been announced in the real estate market, that the Zed AS or RA

project provides housing units

Competitive prices, especially for the first stage.

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