Orascom Developments

Orascom Developments Company

Orascom Developments is classified as one of the best real estate investment companies

in Egypt Because of its good selection of the sites where its projects are located and also because

it provides the best services In its investment projects, through its experience in this field

and also through the use of foreign expertise In the implementation and design of these projects

at the highest level.

Orascom Developments projects

Orascom Real Estate Developments Company and its previous

and current works:

company that owns the O West 6 October compound project and classifies the company

As one of the best and largest real estate development companies in Egypt, this company specializes in establishing major tourist resorts

As she has 30 years of experience in real estate development, and her experience in project implementation shows the required accuracy

And deliver them on the dates agreed upon by the two parties as one of the highest goals of this company is to construct buildings

On a level and equipped with the best equipment and carefully designed, through cooperation with the best design companies

Orascom Real Estate Development relies on modern decors to decorate the project buildings

The company selects the best and best types of materials found in this field, and all of this has led to customer confidence

The company and the company does a lot of real estate business, either alone or with the participation of other companies

As it develops (residential units, hotels, recreational facilities, golf courses and marinas)

Also, Orascom Real Estate Company performs the infrastructure works in (schools, hospitals, and all forms of public facilities) and the company has carried out large real estate works in various countries, and these works have achieved great success and among the most important of these works: –

Makadi Heights Hurghada Resort
Integrated city in Switzerland (andermatt)
Orascom has created 24 hotels with a total of 4,918 rooms.
El Gouna Hurghada.
Byoum in Fayoum.
Projects at Montenegro – London.
Projects in the UAE and Oman.
It has developed a land area of ​​9 million square meters.
Taba Heights Hurghada.
O West Orascom compound, October 6, which is the first project in Cairo .

Orascom Developments

Company uses the best international experiences as the company designs

The projects owned by the company are “H.O.K Company”, which is classified as one of the largest and best architectural design companies

Around the world, and also Orascom Real Estate company “EDSA” in the landscape designs inside

O West Compound, October 6 This company also ranks as one of the largest and best landscape design companies

The most important project owned by Orascom Real Estate Development in Cairo .

O West 6 October compound

Orascom Real Estate Development Company has carried out many projects outside and inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, but it has only one project in Cairo, inside the city of 6 October.

It is the “O West October 6 Compound” which is located in the city of 6 October, which was classified as one of the most places

With a distinctive location for establishing investment projects in it, especially residential projects, this compound has been classified

It is one of the largest and best residential complexes in Egypt because of its wonderful location and the advantages and services it provides to its residents.

O West compound project 6 October Location

O West Compound October 6 has several features that make it one of the best residential and investment projects in Egypt. Among the most important of these features are several features that make it one of the best residential and investment projects in Egypt.

It is the site of the compound, as it is near the most important and most important roads and vital places in that city

This will facilitate access to the compound or exit from the compound for the main roads, and the most important areas will be indicated nearby

Orascom Developments

From it and also the methods as follows: –

O West Compound site is distinguished by the fact that it is located on the oasis road, just behind the Media Production City, noting that the detours on this road have been started, and a suspension bridge will be built instead of those.
O West Compound site is characterized by being just a few minutes away from Dahshur Road.
October 6, just 2 km from Mall of Egypt.
being just 6 minutes away from Juhayna Square.
being just 5 minutes away from the ring road.
the fact that it has several access points, such as: –
1- The regional ring road that leads directly to the tourist area in which the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids are located, and also this road will connect the O West Compound 6 October with the new administrative capital.

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