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Palm hills ain sokhna location

Palm hills el ain el sokhna area

Palm hills ain sokhna location is the best and has been chosen in the heart of Ain Sokhna,

with a unique view on the Red Sea coast, specifically in Kilo 93, Al Zafarana Road. What distinguishes

the site is that you can reach it easily.

palm hills ain sokhna project is located just 120 kilometers from the heart of Cairo, making it easy

for you to reach the resort at any time.
The Palm Hills Resort El Sokhna is built on a large area of ​​150 acres with direct sea views, and the

length of its beach is 1900 meters.

The real estate developer has been keen to create many residential and hotel units at various prices

in order to suit everyone, and the resort includes separate and separate villas, twin houses, townhouses,

chalets of various sizes consisting of two or three rooms, which makes them suitable for all families.

A large area of ​​the palm hills el sokhna project has been allocated for green spaces, water bodies,

artificial lakes and other services and amenities that the customer needs.

Palm hills ain sokhna location

Palm hills ain sokhna location

About Palm Hills Real Estate Development

The Palm Hills company, which owns the palm hills el sokhna project, is one of the major companies that have great experience in the Egyptian market in the field of real estate.

This group is owned by businessman Yassin Mansour, and Palm Hills Company has established many residential and commercial projects inside and outside Egypt, such as:

Hacienda Bay North Coast Project Hacienda White North Coast.

Badya Hills compound, Palm Hills 6th of October, and Palm Harks and Krone Compound, 6th of October.

Casa Sheikh Zayed project, Palm Hills Alexandria projects, in addition to establishing many projects in New Cairo, such as Capital Gardens, Village Gardens Katameya, Palm Hills Compound New Cairo project in addition to Palm Hills Resort Ain Sokhna.

Palm hills ain sokhna area and location

Palm hills el sokhna village is located on the most beautiful beaches of the Red Sea at km 93 Zaafarana Road, where

Its location is considered one of the best strategic geographic locations, so it can be easily accessed from all the different ways that lead to the eye

Al Sokhna, it is close to the finest tourist attractions in Telal Al Sokhna, La Vista Al Sokhna, Movenpick Village, Al Jalala Road and Al Ain

Sokhna, as it is located 120 kilometers from the Greater Cairo region, this makes it easy to go to it at any time from different

Roads leading to it

Advantages of Palm Hills Ain Sokhna Village :

The project was built on levels.
Most units have sea view.
Beach front 1.9 km.
• Commercial area .
• Boutique hotel on the beach.
• A beachfront restaurant is already in operation and will be renovated.
An ideal sandy beach, the Gulf of Sea waters area.

Palm hills ain sokhna location

Units types, area spaces and prices of Palm hills ain sokhna

• 1
st row: Seafront Villas “6 BDs”
❖ first level of all 12 meter above sea level
❖ status : Semi-finished units
❖ Land area 510m – BUA 325m (Ground & First)
❖ Average Price 21-22 million
❖ 11 Villas Only
• 2
nd row: Villas “4 BDs”
❖(7 m higher than the first row)
❖ Land 385 – 430 m – BUA 250 (Ground & First)
❖ Av. Price 14-15 m
❖There are 11 Villas Only
• 3
rd row: Villas “3 BDs”
❖ Same level as the second-row villas but positioned in a angle to have a sea view.
❖area Land 270 – 380 m
❖ BUA 180 (Ground & First)
❖ Av. Price 8-8.2 m
❖ 22 Villas Only
• 4
th row: One floor twin chalet “2 types”
❖(5-7 m higher than the second row)
❖ Fully-finished
❖ 3BDs Land 290 – 315 m, BUA 117m – Av. Price 5.1 m
❖ 2BDs Land 210 – 290 m, BUA 90m – Av. Price 4.1 m
❖ 34 Chalets

• 5
th row: Townhouses “3 BDs”
❖ 27-29 m above sea level (3 m higher than the fourth row)
❖ TH Corner Land 225 – 270 m, BUA 176m – Av. Price 5.4m
❖ Town House Corner Land 172 – 190 m, BUA 176m – Av. Price 4.8m
❖ 44 Townhouse
• 6
th row: Chalets – G+2
❖ (7 m higher than the fifth row)
1. Small Chalets: 2 BDs
▪ Ground: BUA 100m – Garden 175m – Price 2.9-3.5 m (Av. 3.1m)
▪ Typical: BUA 100m – Price 2.3-2.8 m (Av. 2.5m)
▪ First: BUA 100m – Roof 100m – Price 2.5-3 m (Av. 2.8m)
2. Premium Chalets: 3 BDs
▪ Ground: BUA 140m – Garden 200m – Price 3.5-4.2 m (Av. 3.9m)
▪ Typical: BUA 140m – Price 3-3.5 m (Av. 3.2m)
▪ First: BUA 140m – Roof 140m – Price 3.2-3.9 m (Av. 3.5m)

Palm hills ain sokhna details and amenities

Swimming pools varying spaces.
A special area for children.
Special areas for family activities.
Shopping centers.
Golf cars.
Scenic artificial lakes.
Sports clubs that include all sports.
Recreational areas.
Gym includes the latest sports equipment with international specifications.
The spa includes a spa, whirlpool and steam bath.
Restaurants and cafes at the highest levels.
Green spaces spread throughout the resort.
An international hotel inside the Palm Hills Resort Sokhna.

Palm hills ain sokhna location

Payment Plans :

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company has been keen on allocating more than one payment method in Palm Hills Ain Sokhna in order to suit everyone, as follows:

You can pay 5% in advance of a reservation, then 5% after three months have passed, and the remainder of the unit price has been paid in six years.

You can pay 10% in advance of a reservation, and then 5% in three months, provided that the remainder of the unit price is settled in seven years without interest.

You can pay 10% in advance of the reservation of the housing unit with payment of 10% after the lapse of three months from the contract, and the rest of the price of the housing unit is divided into 8 years with an interest-free payment system.

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