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Phia ain el sokhna

Phia el ain el sokhna il monte galala Tatweer Misr

Phia Il monte Galala El Ain El Sokhna Project is the first project established in Ain

Sokhna to be a new and distinct in life of many ,

This is because it is designed to fit all people and in a high style and highest quality and

designs, where there is in phia project has many features and suitable services.

The owner of phia El Ain El Sokhna :

Tatweer Misr is interested in creating a new different look at the investment of real

estate market This is because it is one of the major

companies working in this field since several years , so it became one of the successful

urban companies that have accomplished

Many mega projects that enjoy privacy and luxury. The following is the accomplishment

progress in this advanced project, which the

company is paid much attention to and worked to develop and grow in a distinct way,

which has established many other projects, which are:

Fouka Bay North Coast.
Bloom Fields New Cairo.
IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna.

And many other brilliant projects that serve many citizens, as was the achievement that

Tatweer Misr presented in these projects is an excellent business which has made it a leading company.

Phia ain el sokhna

Phia el Ain el Sokhna Area and Location

This project enjoys a great geographical position and this is because of it is in the

middle of Ain Sokhna, where located at the beginning

of the Galala road, and is very close to Porto Sokhna project, which is away

approximately 11 kilometers, while the Movenpick Hotel,

which is located at the beginning of the Galala road is a distance away The Emirates

Gas Station 7 km away.

These places are giving the site a great geographic location, where it is near the sea

and overlooking the sandy beaches, where you can

enjoy the air and water at any time, it is an integrated sites where there is a large range

of services and distinctive global features that

provide you life happy.

This project spread on an area of ​​30 acres and is one of the projects located in Monte

Galala, which overlooks the entire project directly

on the sea, and is designed in the form of terraces take a height up to 5 meters and be

far from the sea surface approximately 90

meters, which is designed from Inside in a new way in order to feel comfortable .

Phia Il Monte Galala el Ain el Sokhna Detalis and Amenties

The entire project is designed in a Greek way with different works and a unique style of

decorations and paints, where the colors chosen

give you a quiet and distinctive impression, you will always feel comfortable and relaxed

, the owner has worked to divide the project in an innovative way to be a full-service project that

meets all requirements.

Design of project Phia Ain Sokhna

The company chose a new innovative way to implement the latest and best

designs in the project Phia Ain Sokhna , it is one of

the huge projects established by Tatweer Misr and it was the last project that

implemented in this period, and hired the best and best

group of engineers Who are working on a different decorations.

What do Lofts Phia Sokhna Chalets mean?

Lofts Chalets is another type of chalets provided by Tatweer Misr, as it was presented in the Fouka North Coast project.

She returned again to advance in Phia Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna and this is because she was one of the most distinguished units in Fouka Bay North Coast

And presented in Phia Ain El Sokhna, a group of chalets of various sizes and they are designed in a different way

Lofts Chalet Via Ain El Sokhna are chalets that you can see from inside the terrace with your own private beach

Of sand and crystal lagoons, as it depends on luxury and privacy.

Also, all chalets in Phia Sokhna depended on providing luxury and comfort, with each chalet with a large terrace

It has your own jacuzzi that the development of Egypt makes for you in Phia Sokhna a world of luxury and comfort that delights you

Always satisfying its customers and their comfort, which is the primary goal of Tatweer Misr in its project.

The second type of Phia Sokhna chalets are traditional chalets

What distinguishes traditional chalets in Phia Sokhna?

It is a wonderful face of unique designs, as the development introduced to it a new thought, which is that every chalet has a large terrace.

I have to design the European character and have its own Jacuzzi, so that you can enjoy the luxury and comfort within the halihec.

Phia Ain Sokhna is an international destination of your choice, and it offers a world of modern living options and branded residences that combine functional simplicity on the beachfront with the highest levels of luxury and nature in every home.

The most important information you need to know about the project of Via Almonte Majesty phia sokhna?

Phia ain el sokhna

Phia Il Monte Galala Resort is designed by Tatweer Misr, a large real estate and development company

Many excellent projects, and the Phia Ain Sokhna project is one of its most important projects.

The Phia Sokhna project site?

In Ain Sokhna, about 11 km from Porto Sokhna, Phia Il monte Galala is located in Ain Sokhna,

About 11 km from Porto Sokhna near the Movenpick Resort which is only 7 km away

This is a great site that makes you live on an elevated standard of living on the Mount Galala plateau, with the magnificent natural scenery of Mount Galala.

This unique location that distinguishes Phia Ain El Sokhna, therefore, is very close to Ain El Sokhna

Where is located in Ain Sokhna?

Phia Sokhna is located from the Cairo-Suez Highway 120 km, from the creams-Zaafarana Road 120 km

From Hurghada Zaafarana Road 320 km, Katameya Sokhna Road, 95 km from Suez Road

Sokhna 40 km.

The area of ​​the Phia Ain Sokhna project?

The area of ​​the Phia Ain Sokhna project is approximately 18 acres of approximately 2 million square meters and this is approximately 494.21 acres is the area of ​​Monte Galala and the Development Company of Egypt when I took the decision to start construction of the Via Sokhna project

At Il Monte Galala, he took a piece of the Galala Resort to separate it from a project and carried out a completely independent project in the Galala area

Phia ain el sokhna

Types of Phia Ain Sokhna units?

There are many types of units so that everyone has what they want and love and they are of different sizes you can Choose them as you want, there are chalets of different sizes, you can choose whatever you like, in various places inside .

Prices and payment systems in Phia el ain el sokhna

0% down payment and the rest of the installments on 9 years equal installments .

10% down payment will  paid after three months, 10% will paid and the remaining amount will be paid

in accordance with the agreement with the company.

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

for more info call us


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