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Phia El Ain El Sokhna

Phia El Ain El Sokhna

phia Ain Sokhna Resort is the largest project planned in the heart of Ain Sokhna where we are always looking

for excellence and tranquility, this is what we find in the city of Sokhna to spend an interesting time and a quiet and exciting vacation where there is this village a lot of services to spend adventures and fun games that make you spend Your special holiday is ideal and perfect as this life offers you the most famous real estate development company in Egypt is the tatweer misr.

Phia El Ain El Sokhna

Phia El Ain El Sokhna

Where is phia Ain Sokhna located?

The project is next to the Galala area, which was supervised by the Armed Forces Organization, which is

located on the Gulf of Suez Canal with an area of ​​2.2 million square meters.

Phia Sokhna

How much is the area of ​​phia Ain Sokhna?

The company is dedicated to the project area of ​​30 acres within the il Monte Galala and the whole project directly overlooks the sea and was established there on several terraces with five different heights and

the highest elevation is 90 meters from the sea and also all

the units

are designed

for the idea of ​​the theme

on the same Greek style characterized by a mixture Diverse designs and sister colors

that give you a distinctive feeling and Hadi feel relaxed and a sense of psychological comfort

The project area varies to 20%

Advantages of the village of phia Sokhna?

Many of the features that make phia Ain Sokhna famous for the tourist villages founded in Ain Sokhna

phia il Monte Galala is a mixture of architectural development and simplicity inspired by the star-lit mountains

the same way of Italian life and this gives you a distinct coastal world and famous interfaces with

wonderful design phia Ain Sokhna Luxury and unique life phia is one of the international facades

of the private brands that offer a modern and new lifestyle with the highest degree of sophistication

and the attraction of nature phia Ain Sokhna resort is an opportunity to own your

own world

and achieve your dream in reality for those who love Be inside a tourist resort

and surrounded by magnificent landscapes in all its aspects

phia Il Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Project Services?

Phia El Ain El Sokhna

Tatweer Misr Real Estate provided all the amenities to its distinguished customers so as not to

try out to buy anything from outside the city by providing all commercial services and recreational


There are also:
Multiple commercial area with all the basic services you require in your daily life

  • Health services area with sports club, gym, spa, jacuzzi, swimming pools and all advanced sports equipment
  • Security and 24-hour security and surveillance cameras at the highest level throughout the day monitor inside and outside the city and the largest Crystal Lagoon on an area of ​​3200 square meters
  • Marina for fishing and marina for yachts
  • Garage for all village owners
  • There is a special Jacuzzi for each unit of the project and this provides privacy for each unit in the project
  • The educational services offered by the phia project therefore we assure you that the best

life you will find only in phia Ain Sokhna.

Prices and spaces units in the village of phia Ain Sokhna?

The phia project offers many luxury hotel units that admire all tastes of all segments of society.

The project has 500 units far and isolated from the resort of il Monte Galala, but inside the project at

the bottom of Mount Galala and we get you to see the view of all units of the project on the sea and crystal Lagoon and VIA resort Ain Sokhna offers you a distinctive variety of spaces at the lowest prices.

phia Sokhna designs?

phia is built in the form of natural terraces to ensure a clear view of the sea from all directions.

All units are located directly on the sea, whether villas or chalets where the units between

the green spaces

and landscape where you see the best landscaping with all these services so you can live

a single life

make you feel a unique and distinctive life

Payment system project phia Ain Sokhna and units in the village?

The phia units in Ain Sokhna The phia project consists of 500 units starting from 80 meters starting from 2 million pounds

phia is an integrated city with all the features and possibilities required for life indispensable and ensure you live in

A special level of luxury and tranquility in Villa Ain Sokhna

Take your chance and book in Ain Sokhna project starting spaces of 80 meters

Prices start at 2.000.000

The best payment system you will find only with phia Ain Sokhna offers you a system suitable for all

individuals and can own a chalet in Ain Sokhna only

0% down payment and installment up to 10 years without interest

Phia  Sokhna

The owner of the phia project Ain Sokhna?

phia Ain Sokhna project is one of the projects of Tatweer Misr for Architectural Development as it has

become one of the most important and strongest real estate companies

in Egypt.

The company has proven this in more than

one project.

The development of Misr Real Estate Company is characterized by a great experience in this field in terms of commercial, industrial and technical and offers an advanced vision of life and established a range of different residential and tourism projects in

(Ain Sokhna / North Coast / Future City) and achieved unparalleled success between the big companies

Phia Sokhna

One of the most famous projects of Tatweer Misr?

Phia El Ain El Sokhna

  • IL Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna Resorts
  • Fouka Bay North Coast
  • Compound Bloom Fields Future City

Phia Sokhna

The company is always keen to provide a variety of services

so that

the diversity between

the charming beauty of nature and innovative architectural

design is achieved.

If you are looking for a new and different experience between nature

and turquoise waters,


The phia of Ain El Sokhna you will find everything you dream of and wishes to live there on the ground

Call our customer service and inquire about everything inside you and book your unit that suits your possibilities to enjoy a quiet and distinctive life and investment for your children in the future.

Get in touch with us on special numbers sales Via Sokhna Mobil or WhatsApp



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