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What is the history and previous work of Pyramids Real Estate?
Pyramids is one of the leading companies that made a big difference in the foreign real estate market

And the Egyptian also, since he has been in the real estate sector for more than 20 years.

Pyramids Developments business in France?
Development at the Louvre.
Development in the French Parliament
Holiday Inn Hotel
LBlS Hotel in France
Many educational facilities and residential and commercial buildings in France
Pyramids company in France from the year 90 has done many immortal works and very

developed in the French architecture

When she came to Egypt, she decided to enter the Egyptian real estate market in 2013, she

was one of the biggest contractors

Pyramids Developments

Those who carry out the work of the army from

The road network
Residential complexes
She had a major development in the military business in previous years, and she decided to

enter the Pyramids company for its owner

Businessman Hisham El-Khouly and his brother Alaa El-Khouly when I made the decision to

be a real estate developer with housing complexes

Egypt as a whole is cynical about it, and we have seen this in all of Baramidz’s previous works

that the media talked about

The entire Egyptian and foreigner spoke on the well-known broadcaster Al-Nahar program,

Tamer Amin

It is mentioned how much that Premiadas Real Estate Development has made a mark in

Egypt in recent years and has become

One of the most important companies in Egypt has become a great confidence in the company,

Pyramids Real Estate Development

In many projects and ideas, the Pyramids business and works are not only a promise and slogans

, and this is very clear

In its work in the new administrative capital

A report on the Pyramids company presented how it made a mark in the new administrative

capital on projects

Pyramids Developments

Residential, commercial, administrative and medical development of the real estate market

from Unique Location, with its progress in each project

With his proposal, it provided all the needs of customers with what distinguishes Pyramids

from other real estate investment companies before that

Pyramids company is implementing any project that it places itself as a customer to know

what a customer really needs

If he is looking for a project at an appropriate price and does not have a long repayment

period or needs an investment in the rate of return project

The investment has a guaranteed rate of return on Pyramids that provides all the requirements

of the customer in the price and payment systems

And all his needs.

Pyramids guarantees that you will have a strong return on investment under a rule that guarantees

you will pay the installments of the return on investment.

And benefits for you from the first month with the rent.

Pyramids Developments

La capitale suite lagoons new capital

It is located in a very strategic location as it is located in front of the embassy district and the

diplomatic area in the R7 area

And near the British University in the piece of E21 identification and this strategic location

increases the investment value

For the project very because from this strategic point it makes you can rent your hotel unit

To the foreign expatriates at the university and those who work in the embassy district as well.

How big is the compound of La Capitale Suite Lagoons?

Let’s talk about the area of La Capital East, which is built on an area of approximately 30.5 acres, to be considered a dense compound

It is very fair to maintain the residential community with sophistication and tranquility and

provide all amenities and nature

As it is La Capital compound, it will be built on 20% of the rest of the green spaces and landscapes


The areas of the compound of suite lagoons?

Pyramids will provide many spaces to allow hotel studios and hotel apartments as well

You will save from 1 room to 4 rooms, fully finished, Super Lux, fully furnished, with hotel brushes

And the unique French hotel service, as all units will be a smart system in a high capacity

As the world’s largest French hotel as unique French designs.

Pyramids Developments

Pyramids Real Estate always puts you at the top with unique services, location, the strongest return on investment, and easy repayment

Make you own your unit with Pyramids, start paying your installments with the first rent, how much the return on investment

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