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Sila new cairo

Sila new cairo mostakbal city by misr italia

Sila new cairo mostakbal city

Sila Compound in the Fifth settelment in New Cairo City for Misr Italia is one of the best residential complexes

That is in New Cairo City , because of the many features that made it stand out from the rest of the

apartment complexes that are there, and also provides a lot of basic services that all individuals

and entertainment services need, so you will not need anything from outside the compound, you

will find everything You wish it inside the compound, and not only that, but it also offers you many

types of housing units at the best possible prices that you can get, as the Sila Compound for Misr

Italia is the ideal compound.

Sila new cairo il bosco city

Sila new cairo Area and Location

Sila mostakbal city compound has the best location you can ever get, it is located inside the city of the

future in New Cairo City, and it has many advantages of its location, the most important of which are:

It is a few minutes away from the new administrative capital.
Very close to the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
It is located on some of the main roads in Cairo.
Located close to the golden square.
There are only a few minutes between it and the American University.
Therefore, you will find that the privileged location of the compound provides you with speed and

ease of going to many places that you want to go with ease.
Masr Italia has implemented the project on an area of about 270 acres, allowing the compound to

include all residential units and commercial buildings, as well as green areas and service facilities that

customers can need, this space is very large to include all the special needs of customers, and the

compound includes the largest area Green integrated within the city of New Cairo, where about half

of the total area of the compound has been allocated to green spaces .

Sila new cairo mostakbal city

The owner of Sila Project in Fifth Settlement:

Misr Italia is the company implementing the project, and it is considered one of the best and

most important real estate companies in Egypt, and it has many goals that it seeks to change

the level of real estate life that exists inside Egypt, and the most important goals of the company:

The company’s primary goal is to change the perception of a growing real estate life in Egypt.

The company sets environmental requirements as an inspiration for all projects that the company

is implementing. The designs inside the real estate project are inspired by all the real estate developments

of the company.

The company places the client’s needs as a source of designs within the real estate project and

provides him with a coastal destination and a very luxurious lifestyle.
So you will enjoy a decent life inside the compound that Misr Italy is implementing.
Egypt Italy company has about 10 years of experience in the real estate field, and it is considered

one of the first companies in this field, and the company has implemented a large number of

housing units estimated at thousands.

Sila new cairo details and facilities

There are a lot of basic services and entertainment services that the compound offers you,

which makes it the best residential complex within the Fifth Compound in New Cairo City.

Among the most important of these services are:

There are a lot of green spaces that provide you with fresh air, and most units overlook the green areas,

which gives you a wonderful view.
Sila New Cairo provides you with a security and safety service, as it is equipped with many surveillance cameras, as well as a 24-hour security service throughout the week and many other security services.
There are also many swimming pools scattered inside Sella Compound New Cairo and they are different

in depth and shapes.
Inside the compound there is a large sports club that includes many different sports fields for all

sports such as football, tennis and squash, and there is also a gym that you can practice with,

and inside the sports club there is a spa, massage and jacuzzi service.
Inside Sila New Cairo, Sila New Cairo has many international restaurants and cafes that provide

you with the best food and beverages you prefer at the hands of the best international chefs.
Also, there are many shops that provide you with the best international brands for all the products

you need.

Sila new cairo il bosco city

The compound provides you with a combination of modern technology and living simplicity.
All places have been designed very nicely, and every detail has been taken care of which will

amaze all customers and provide all modern daily needs.
Inside Sella, the city of the future, there is a large walkway where you can go walking and running

with the family in the morning and evening, and it will help you to get rid of all negative energies

and gain a lot of positive energies.
There are many artificial lakes that give a beautiful view to the compound and a wonderful view

of the units.
There is a large track designated for cycling clients.
There are areas inside a compound designated for holding parties and barbecue.
In the complex designs a combination of ancient Arab heritage and modern European style.

Sila new cairo mostakbal city

Prices and Payment plans :

The best payment system that you can find since you will be able to install the unit amount over

a period of 10 years without paying any down payment.

The price of the apartment, which consists of 3 rooms, is about 1.53 million Egyptian pounds.
apartment, which consists of 2 rooms, is about 1.13 million Egyptian pounds.
1-room apartment is around 1 million Egyptian pounds.
Price per square meter apartment starts from about 10,150 EGP.

So if you want to enjoy all these services that we talked about and the features that the compound offers you, you have to quickly book the housing units inside the Sila compound in the fifth assembly in order to enjoy all the features and services that the compound offers you and the distinctive prices that are inside, not only that but also you can Because you buy an investment unit inside the compound, this is the best place for you to invest your money in, because of the advantages, services and its special location, and also you will enjoy the best payment system ever, hurry to reserve your unit now.

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