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Zavani New Capital

Zavani compound progate developments

Zavani new capital Project of Progate Abaza Real Estate Development, a new project located at

new capital R7 Diplomatic District. Now own your unit at the latest project with Progate, a

leading developer In the field of real estate development, with more than 10 years of

experience in real estate investment.

Zavani New Capital Compound Progate

Progate has established in 2010 to dedicate its work in the real estate market and work in the

Egyptian real estate field with distinct projects as it has uniquely worked to promote

progressive and diverse concepts and reflexes harmonious of Egyptian reality.

The owner and previous works of the New Capital Zavani Project .

Progate Real Estate is owned by Representative Ahmad Fouad Abaza.

The company consists of four companies:

Facility Management, Finishing, Constructions and owner land bank company

It is the first project for Progate in the new capital.

  • the company built 152 buildings Divided between the Fifth Settlement, El Shorouk City .
  • commercial construction in the Fifth Settlement Centro Mall Next to the American University .
  • The K. Resort Sahl Hasheesh Project .

Zavani New Capital compound location

The compound of Zavani New Capital is considered one of the most important sites in the new

administrative capital, the project is located in the seventh district R7, piece E1. It is also located near the

most important neighborhoods, such as the Diplomatic Quarter, and the Government Quarter,

El shams and Capital Ikuti and near the area of ministries and the presidential palace and the Green River.

Zavani project is very close to The Capital Way Compound and The Loft new Capital Compound.

Where is Zavani New Capital compound location?

Also located on a main street of 64 square meters wide and directly overlooks the diplomatic quarter that

makes you As if you lived in an old Garden City, as the diplomatic area will only be villas, and the diplomatic

district will include all the embassies of countries, and this is what makes you live as if you were in a complex

of countries, and this distinguishes Zavani’s very strategic location.

This project is characterized by the most beautiful view of the wide green areas scattered in every inch in

Zavani where industrial lakes and wide streets possess all units in a magical area.

And privacy is also available as the building was built on an area of ​​19 meters between each building and

the second to maintain privacy and calm.

There are also two entrances to the compound for easy transportation, and one of those entrances is opposit

the Embassy District (Diplomatic Quarter).

It is the neighborhood that includes all the headquarters of the embassies.

One of the most important priorities of Progate is when implementing the Compounds of the Fancy

project,which is the safety element in the compound. Therefore, the entire project is surrounding by a high wall, 3

meters high, the buildings are 18 meters from the fence.

How much area of ​​Zavani new capital?

The Compound established on an area of ​​33 acres almost 138.600 SM in the heart of the new administrative capital.

Zavani Compound  built on only 19% of the total area of ​​the project and the rest of the space for green

spaces and land scape.

Zavani project was implemented on four different phases of units. and there are residential apartments, a

penthouse with a roof, a duplex with Garden .

The buildings consist of three floors with apartments, and other floors with four apartments.

Each building in the compound has 2 elevator.

Zavani New Capital project is an integrated service and facility that increases the confidence and demand

for reservations in this project that was developed by Master Plan for the project and wonderful construction

through Medhat Dora, who will construct Zavani New Capital Compound as the group of Durra companies with

great experience in real estate, They were known for their excellence in construction genius for several

important projects and are considered one of the strongest construction companies in Egypt.

Zavani New Capital Details and Facilities


Classical luxury and modernity, inspired by the charm of classic architecture in the city center but with a side

Contemporary. Using the future capabilities provided by New Capital.

The project consists of 43 residential units, which consist of apartments ranging in size from 122 square meters

Meters to 366 square meters. There are 165 square meters, 65% of the total units, duplexes and penthouse

With excellent subdivision of all spaces to correspond to any area without prejudice

The general form of unity and the achievement of all factors in terms of breadth and quality, and through reliance on

Expertise provided by project designers. Prices and spaces Zavani

Zavani’s landscape is meticulously designed to serve as the center of the new capital

The spaces of the units of the compound of the new capital Zavani?

Zavani the new administrative capital

The size of residential units in Zavani Compound, the new capital, starts from 137 square meters

to 283 square meters.

zavani Compound apartments on the ground floor are attached to the garden.

The penthouse in the new capital Zavani project starts from 179 square meters and roof terrace is 1

37 square meters.

Representation Video

Prices and payment systems in Zavani new capital

The prices of the Zavani administrative capital compound are among the cheapest in the new administrative

capital, with Ames Location and various services. Projet Real Estate provide a different package of prices

and payment systems.

The price per square meter in the New Capital wedding project starts from 9.250 Egyptian pounds, residential

units are delivering semi-finish, within four years from the date of the contract.

For fully finished units on the latest model and standards for finishes, the price per square meter in units for full

finishing will start at a price

From 10.250 EGP 12.300 EGP.

Propulsion systems inside The Vanni Compound, New CapitaMultiple equal propulsion systems

0% over 6 years.

10% over 7 years.

10% over 8 years.

For front lodd payment system

15% over 9 years.

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