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Zed East New Cairo

Zed East Ora Developments

Zed East New Cairo A new project presented by Ora Company to businessman Naguib Sawiris,

whose company presented many giant projects.

It was his last project, which had a strong imprint and exceeded all Sheikh Zayed projects, as the

Zaid Sheikh Zayed project

It excels in its distinguished location and services as Zaid Sheikh Zayed is being built by the largest

central park in Sheikh Zayed on an area of ​​65 acres

It was developed by Engineer Naguib Sawiris of Land Scape and Recreational Services as it is

built by Wonder Winter

Like that in London, engineer Naguib Sawiris imported international games to be the largest

Wonderland land in Egypt

Zed East New Cairo BY ORA

Zed East New Cairo LOCATION

Zed East New Cairo apartments

Zed East New Cairo villa types

Zed East New Cairo twin house

Zed East New Cairo apartments

Zed East New Cairo apartments views

Also, the theater area where every week’s and kids’ concerts are held is unique for children.

The Zaid Sheikh Zayed project is a global destination

In Sheikh Zayed, the whole compound is a tower of international designs, to be an honorable

façade in Sheikh Zayed, and then

After the huge event that marked the Sheikh Zayed region, Aura Businessmen Naguib Sawiris

decided to develop in an area

New Cairo to carry out a unique project in the Fifth District to advance the first phase during the

month of March

The details of the project have not been disclosed yet, and as our customers have promised us

to provide all new property market will

We talk to you with information about the Naguib Sawiris project in the fifth assembly of Aura so

that you will be fully prepared

Before the opening of the first stage, you would be the first person to own the Aura project, the

5th settlement, with special prices for the first stage

Zed East New Cairo

The project is based on 400 acres of sophistication and distinction. The unique division of the

project includes land and landscape services

As the project of the company, Aura New Cairo, will have a construction rate of only about 20%,

and the rest of the landscape

Artificial lakes and landscapes that the Aura company has always excelled in architectural design

and the selection of companies that are established

As it cooperates again with Orascom Construction to undertake a distinguished project from

the architectural side

It also took place in Zaid Sheikh Zayed Towers.

Also, Aura Company has chosen a unique and unique location in the 5th settlement to put you

in the most distinctive residential investment environment

Naguib Sawiris project site Fifth settelment?

Ora always chooses unique locations in all of its projects, so when I planned to set up a project

in the 5th settlement

After all the projects that are already in the fifth assembly and that make customers confused

about what to choose

Their housing or investment unit in this crowded real estate race of companies that Ora always

distinguishes itself

On behalf of all companies, it also made its mark in the Sheikh Zayed region, despite the presence

of many real estate companies for years

It will now place its mark in the New Cairo area and be distinguished among many large companies .

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