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Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed

Zed Towers By Ora Developments

Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed The most recent projects of Ora Real Estate Development

Company, which is one of the largest and most important companies in the field of real estate,

a company known for some time. The project is the first project of the Company

in Egypt and it will be a distinct edifice to the company of Ora and has also undertaken many

projects outside Egypt in Multiple places such as Pakistan, London, Cyprus, Britain, and the

Zaid Sheikh Zayed Towers project will be a distinct and different edifice of the Aura Company,

which is owned by the famous businessman / Naguib Sawiris, and he is well known, and he who

does not know him was the one who previously owned the Orange Company and may be distinguished

Sheikh Zayed Towers the finest modern engineering designs because the paper company Hired a

company Watg london global project work designs and Mr Blanc and will be at the highest level

of architectural design in modern style and you will see the beauty of the designs in modern

high-class Prague Zaid Sheikh Zayed Project .

Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed

Ora Real Estate Development Company launched this project in the most important site in Sheikh Zayed region, Sawiris Towers, Sheikh Zayed. In partnership with the Egyptian government, WATG London International will develop the engineering plan for the project.

Orascom is always distinguished in building towers.

Ora Real Estate undertakes renovations and management of gardens, which are surrounded by the Sheikh Zayed Towers units.

_ distinguished by its successful projects inside or outside Egypt.

_ one of the most important companies, and has great experience in designing projects of international standards.

_ The famous businessman Naguib Sawiris, he has many companies, which work in various fields, and the most important of these companies is Orascom Telecom.

It also owns print and video channels that are propaganda for the Sawiris Group of Companies.

Sawiris companies are among the most important private sector institutions in Egypt.

This project is for the famous businessman Naguib Sawiris in partnership with the Egyptian government for the first time.

Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed location

Zaid Sheikh Zayed Towers are characterized by the 6th of October City. Zed el sheikh zayed towers are located in the best location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. So, the Zed project is located next to the Hyper One and Al Rabwah Compound. The Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers project also overlooks the tower complex and is about 3 minutes away from Americana Plaza and Arkan Mall is located about 5 minutes near the central axis, and the Sheikh Zayed Towers are considered one of the most important and distinctive projects that overlook the attractive central Sheikh Zayed Park, which has an area of ​​about 165 acres, and this garden may also be created by the famous engineer / Naguib Sawiris and may be a wonderful view of the Sheikh Zayed Towers Zed project and it may be considered the site N the most important sites of Sheikh Zayed.

Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed Details and Facilities

Zed project is divided into two phases:

_ The first stage: It is a group of towers, one tower consists of 10 floors, and all units in this section are for housing only.

_ The second stage: It is a group of towers consisting of one tower of 20 floors, and the floors in this section have floors for projects _ service, for example, one of the floors was designated to be an integrated Club house, and some floors for shops, and this is on the floors from the first to the third.

As for the housing units in these towers, they start from the fourth floor to the twenty.

Some Of our advantges :

1- Credibility and honesty among clients because the project was established by Aura Real Estate Development Company, which is owned by Naguib Sawiris.

2- Service features:

The facades are of international design in all residential units in Zaid Towers

The enchanting view of the tower units on Sheikh Zayed Park, which covers an area of ​​26 acres.

The project directly overlooks the Tower complex.

The company established an independent park for Zaid Towers.

Commercial offices overlook the city’s main streets.

Providing an integrated commercial area for residents to obtain all their needs, including restaurants, cafes, shops, malls, hospitals, and schools.

Providing two types of elevators in each tower, one for residents, and another for moving furniture.

Full finishing of all residential units with air conditioning inside each unit, as well as kitchen cabinets.

Garages are provided for cars, residents of the towers.

Create a hotel inside every project.

Allocate places to collect garbage to keep it clean and beautiful.

Designing emergency exit towers. In case of fires, God forbid.

OCI has carried out construction work within the Sheikh Zayed Towers project. It is one of the largest companies in Egypt and in the Arab world.

Residential units spaces in Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers

Unit spaces within the 10-storey Sheikh Zayed Towers:

1- 2 bedroom units with areas of 100 and 135 m 2.

2- 3-bedroom units with areas 160, 161, 162, 165, 165, 166, and 167 m 2.

Garden Floor 160 m, 180 m and 247 m

Duplex with garden 210 m – 230 m

Duplex with garden 210 m _ 230 m

3-room penthouse, 206 meters – 235 meters + 70 meters out area

* Unit spaces within the 20-storey Sheikh Zayed Towers:

1- Studio: 55m – 59m – 69m.

2- 2-room apartments: 129 meters – 188 meters.

3- 3-room apartments: 168 meters – 190 meters – 218 meters.

4- 4-room apartments: 252 meters.

Prices and payment systems in Zed Towers El Shiekh Zayed

The housing units are delivered with full deluxe finishing, and their prices vary according to type and area.

Reserve your unit now when paying 10 % as Down payment and 5% after 3 Months and the rest on

6 years equall installments .

For More Info & Reservation Please Call :

for more info call us


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